What Is The Purpose Of Life? – Use Purpose to Achieve Massive Success

What Is The Purpose Of Life? — http://www.actualized.org Learn what is the purpose of life, without the bullshit, in less than 15 minutes. Also learn how to…
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3 Responses to What Is The Purpose Of Life? – Use Purpose to Achieve Massive Success

  1. Actualized.org says:

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  2. sfumato1002 says:

    This is a good talk. I have just been sitting on my ass…I don’t want that to be my purpose in life anymore. Thanks for sharing.´╗┐

  3. Philippe Gagnon says:

    Loved this one ! Personally, my purpose in life is the human capacity for exponential improvement, which I first encountered with the concept of technological singularity. And now your videos made me notice that this process of exponential growth is also present in personal development, because the mindset you currently have will construct a better mindset, which will lead to better mindsets even faster and faster. In the same way that better computers help us build even better computers and so on. Do you think this non-technological process can also lead to a singularity ? A personal development singularity ?´╗┐

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